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Some of the many charges defended by Branum Law Offices...

Driving under the Influence

Driving under Suspension

Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance

Possession with Intent to Distribute

Manufacturing of Methamphetamine

Bogus Checks

Uttering Forged Instrument


Assault & Battery

A&B w/Deadly Weapon

A&B w/Dangerous Weapon

Possession of Firearm after Former Conviction

Reckless Homicide

Shooting w/Intent to Kill

Reckless Discharge of Firearm


Malice to Animals

Destruction of Property

Juvenile Offenses


Sexual Battery






The Difference...


James Branum has successfully provided bankruptcy services for nearly 2,000 Oklahomans.


Branum Law Offices has charged the same attorney's fees, $295, for over 15 years. During that same time period, the Court filing fee has incrementally risen from $60 to $200. Keeping overhead very low and constantly refining the Bankruptcy software he developed in the mid-1980's, James Branum passes his savings along to his many satisfied clients.

Free Consultation

Although you may catch James at the office for a brief phone chat, you probably would receive a complete analysis by calling 387-9888. His secretary will schedule your free, convenient, comfortable and confidential conference with James.

Night / Weekend Appointments

Since you're trying to set your financial house back in order, we will try to help with an evening or weekend appointment if that's what it takes to avoid interrupting your work schedule.

How to prepare for your FREE consultation...

1. Gather up as many of your bills as you can. You may want a credit report, or we can help you obtain one. (Also, if you were recently divorced, bring the Final Decree.)

2. If you own or are buying your house or other real estate, try to bring the legal description with you. (You might find these on deed, mortgage, abstract property insurance or county tax papers.)

3. Don't worry. We won't make you fill out a bunch of forms. That's part of our job! Just bring your bills and property description with you. Let us prepare for your review and signature the 40+ pages of paperwork.

4. While waiting for your appointment, relax. You'll have plenty of time to discuss thoroughly the "ins &s; outs" of the options before you. James will treat you with dignity, respect and compassion.

5. Remember you may want to "reaffirm" certain debts to keep your vehicle(s), house, etc. Or, you may want to "abandon" those assets and get out from under the debts they may have on them.

6. Most importantly, think of all the debts you could wipe out in your bankruptcy. Bring what information you have about them with you. They might include unsecured creditors (such as credit cards, medical bills, legal bills, repossessed cars, past due rent, returned check fees, delinquent taxes, student loans, car wrecks, etc.) Just remember, if we don't list them on the Creditors' Matrix, you'll still owe them!

7. Keep your appointment or call us ahead of time if something comes up.

8. Feel free to bring any of your family with you that you wish. We love babies and kids (James and his wife have five sons, including twins they recently adopted.) and yours are welcome in our office anytime you visit. Unless you feel more comfortable talking away from your kids, please don't pay for babysitting fees.

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